I had a lot of A's on the midterm-- congrats! You will get your exams back today. You will have the class period to work on your casebooks and ask questions! Here's an overview of the 2nd half of the semester:
* No written assginment the week before Spring Break.
* Reading "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof" over Spring Break-- you can start next week since you have no essay to write!
*Quiz on the story the MONDAY we get back from Spring Break.
*We will be working on our research papers for 3 weeks in March/April.
*You will have reading assignments during that time but no essays-- only the research paper.
*After the paper is done, we will study poetry and create a journal. I will give you specific prompts to respond to in the journal. It is a creative, not a formal, assignment.
*Finally, you will have your skit assignment (but not until we are completely done with the research paper).
*Your final exam will also be take home, like the midterm.
Hang in there!
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