Here are the learning outcomes for English 1302. Read carefully. I think you'll see that we are "mastering" all of the following:



Student Learning Outcome


  1.  Demonstrate the ability to identify in selected texts the controlling idea/thesis, supporting evidence, targeted audience and purpose, and the argumentative and/or literary elements of the piece.

  1. Write academic texts that demonstrate evidence of the writing process (i.e., planning, drafting, revising, editing, and proofreading).

  1. Write developed academic texts that support a controlling idea/thesis with appropriate evidence and research.

  1. Write organized academic texts with a controlling idea/thesis for a specific audience and purpose.
  1. Write academic texts that demonstrate appropriate style (i.e., sentence construction, word choice, and tone).

6.  Write academic texts that demonstrate the use of Standard American English.C6

  1. Demonstrate the ability to locate, evaluate, summarize, and synthesize source material, including appropriate use of electronic sources, into texts in MLA style.

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